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The Ontario-raised pork we enjoy is the result of collaboration between a community of local food professionals, from farmers to transporters, packers, and retailers to chefs that elevate our plates and remind us all of the importance of food quality & knowing where our food comes from.

Raising Quality Local Food

Ontario pork producers, veterinarians, dietitians, and local suppliers work together to raise high-quality, antibiotic-free local pork without added hormones.

The Murrays’ pork farm is just a stone’s throw from their family home in Oxford County. When not raising their pigs or their three young children, they’re raising the bar on community engagement.

Teresa & Martin share their Ontario pork farm with their sons, Phil & Dean. With a retail butcher shop and the finishing touches now in place in a new barn, they welcome the public to their home/business.

Ontario pork producers Daniel and Janet are in the midst of taking over the farm where Daniel was born and raised. They have plenty to do, but with six children, they have plenty of help!

Ontario pork producer Dave DeVries has been farming all his life. His wife Lauren is a primary school teacher. Together, they look after a busy farm and four children.

Farming is a way of life and one that makes the Wiedricks proud. “It can be a tough business, but I feel very excited about what we’re leaving for the next generation.”

Working with Trusted Local Food Partners

Professional transporters, packers, butchers and retailers are crucial to maintaining the quality and excellence of locally-produced pork from the time it leaves the farm to its arrival at local restaurants and kitchen tables.

Dr. Ed’s particular interest in the health and care of swine make him a hot commodity in the veterinary world, and a deeply-valued resource to the local pork community.

Marlon operates Vernla Livestock, an Ontario company responsible for the safe transport of pigs every day.

A rising star in the Ontario ag industry, Justine was actually born a “city girl”. In her role at a farmer-owned meat processing co-op, she’s learning another chapter in the farm-to-fork story.

Third-generation butcher and owner of Globe Meats, Dante is revered for his modern take on an old-school craft, and for his famous porchetta.

As in-house chef, recipe developer, photographer and food stylist at Farm Boy, María’s talents cover all bases and flavours.

Feeding Ontario and Beyond

Local pork achieves its full potential when it is well-prepared and enjoyed by chefs, backyard grillers, and home cooks, nourishing Ontario.

A champion of sustainability, Eva practices whole animal cuisine, rotating her menus to feature dishes made from all of the edible elements of every animal.

Chef Michael has built his cuisine around the importance of the connection between people and the food we eat, and you can taste his passion in every dish.

Now 12 years into his role as Culinary Director and Executive Chef at MLSE, Chef Chris is behind the legendary menus that level up the fan experience. What’s his secret? He’s very picky.

One of Canada’s top chefs, revered grill king & dedicated culinary educator, Chef Michael was into local food before it was cool.

One of Ontario’s greatest “food minds” Chef Emily is as knowledgeable as she is unpretentiously creative in the kitchen.

Jason is an entrepreneur, private chef and life-long student of local food. He is also a self-titled and wholly unapologetic “culinary pickpocket.”

An all-round outdoor guy, when he’s not scaling roofs across Ontario, you’ll find Maxx perfecting his BBQ methods and recipes in the yard.

Mother, grandmother, entrepreneur and self-confessed foodie, Rita’s creativity in the kitchen has earned her accolades from family and friends, and a place of honour in her family’s celebrated line of cooks.

If Stephanie’s collection of seven backyard grills isn’t proof enough she knows her way around local meat, her simple and delicious recipe will be.

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