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Dante - Globe Meats

Dante DiBiase

Butcher, Owner of Globe Meats | Toronto, ON

A third generation Butcher, Dante grew up at his grandfather’s original butcher shop located in Toronto in the 80s. Learning from the ground up, he knew from a young age that he would lead the future of the shop. Following the legacy of his father and grandfather, Dante remains committed to the traditional way of doing things, which has earned him the reputation of best butcher shop in the GTA and that of serving the best authentic porchetta!

Globe Meats isn’t your typical butcher shop. From the moment you walk in the door, the array of curated authentic Italian grocery and well-sourced local meats speaks of quality and selection. Dante works alongside his tenured and devoted professional team, ready to tell the story behind each product and cut with pride.

The clear objective here is excellence, and for Dante, that means fresh and local. “Choosing local means supporting our local farmers, communities and the economy across Ontario,” Dante shares. “It means knowing where your food came from which is really important to me and my family. It is also fresher and of higher quality. Ontario pork has a superior taste and quality that is recognized around the world. Ontario farmers are committed to sustainable and high standards of farming practices.

At the centre of the shop is a restaurant counter offering incredible pizza, empanadas and Globe’s legendary porchetta sandwiches.  “From generation to generation our family has passed on our authentic Porchetta recipe,” says Dante. “This succulent recipe is of Italian culinary tradition. One of my favourites, it’s made of a deboned local pig and then stuffed with a boneless local pork shoulder and seasoned with our family secret blend of spices and fresh herbs. Slow cooked for 12 hours it’s a masterpiece of moist and delicious pork!

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Chris Zielinski at Globe Meats

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