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Maxx Gregg

Maxx Gregg

Barbecue Aficionado | York Region, ON

Maxx is a busy man. Together with his wife, Megan, Maxx parents three active and “awesome” kids. By day, he is a skilled and in-demand roofer travelling all over Ontario to torch and shingle roofs, but on the weekend you’ll find him out in the yard, perfecting his grilling technique and recipes.

“BBQ is my only hobby,” Maxx shares, “because between family life and work, it’s all I have the extra time for. If I’m not grilling, I’m studying methods and recipes to try out! Other than that, I’m a pretty laid back, boring guy.”

Always interested in barbecue, Maxx entered the hobby grilling culture long ago, beginning with a role at one of Toronto’s original barbecue and blues haunts, Highway 61. The restaurant is sadly closed, but Maxx credits it with introducing him to smoking meats and building recipes. “I continued over the years to use my cabinet smoker and I had a little offset smoker as well, but what really pushed me back in is when we moved away from Scarborough. We had the space to get a bigger smoker and it inspired me to start my Instagram page to share my cooks, methods and recipes.”

Grill culture has exploded thanks to the naturally friendly nature of the hobby, which encourages a kind of sharing and camaraderie that can be hard to find elsewhere. This is part of the allure for Maxx, who enjoys sharing with other grill enthusiasts and immersing himself in the details and the process. “I really enjoy making my own rubs and sauces by taking inspiration from other Pitmasters and making it my own. When you think of “prep work”, it doesn’t sound pleasant, but I like putting in the attention to detail for trimming and seasoning to ensure a great end product. Most of all, life gets busy. The long cooks from smoking meat allows time to unwind, relax, and really enjoy the whole process.”

Maxx is also a vocal supporter of shopping local. “Aside from the obvious benefits of supporting our local farmers and economy, safety standards are always a top concern when it comes to feeding my family. Knowing that our meats come from a local farm and have passed Canadian safety standards eases the mind and I know it is safe to consume. Look for the local stamps on your meat, then get outside and BBQ!”

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