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Ontario pork farmers are part of an integrated local community of professionals who work every day to feed Ontario and communities around the world. And they’re very, very good at it.

When you choose locally raised pork, you’re supporting the local economy powered by real farm families who want consumers to trust that…

Ontario Pork is a local, all-natural product. It’s naturally protein-rich, with no artificial ingredients. It’s even sought-after by Japan, one of the most discerning culinary markets in the world.

No added hormones. Full stop. Ontario pork farmers pride themselves on producing healthy animals raised on high-quality, veterinarian-approved feeds.

Sick or injured pigs are entitled to care, and people are entitled to safe pork. If a pig is sick, a veterinarian may advise a course of care that includes antibiotic treatment. Pigs given antibiotics go through a vet-determined withdrawal period and pork is routinely tested to ensure no trace antibiotic residues enter Ontario’s food supply.

When about 15,000 people work together, you achieve great feats (and feasts). The Ontario pork industry is a community of professionals dedicated to high-quality, local food – producers, veterinarians, researchers, transporters, processors and retailers. Their farm-to-fork know-how contributes $2.8 billion to Ontario’s GDP and feeds Ontario and consumers around the world.

The more we know, the stronger our community becomes. Ontario Pork champions local food education, mental health education and resources and food security across the province.

Ready to go Whole Hog? Great!

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Bacon on everything!

Love bacon for breakfast? On a donut? On a stick? In a Caesar cocktail? You’re not alone. Bacon is a cultural juggernaut and fan favourite for a reason: it’s undeniably delicious. It is also the only meat that routinely wraps other proteins in a flavour-boosting hug, making beloved dishes even better.

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Love me Tenderloin

Occasionally referred to as the “Gentleman’s Cut”, pork tenderloin equally satisfies everyone. It is revered as one of the leanest cuts, and for its versatility. When you hear “versatility” you know it’s time to get creative.

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All About the Offcuts

You are a culinary explorer, and respectful devotee of whole animal cuisine. You think outside the chops, taking on the challenge of making sure no ear, jowl or oink is left behind.

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”Local” is not just a buzzword. It’s a way of life for the families who get up early and go to bed late to feed Ontario, and for any of us who seek out and support local food providers. Whether a farm is producing pork under the conventional, antibiotic-free or organic program, it’s run by a real family invested in the sustainability of their farm and the strength of their community.

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Feed Ontario

Ontario’s pork community works as a team to address food security for vulnerable people, delivering over 1.1 million servings of pork through the Feed Ontario program. That’s a lot of pork, but we all know we need to do more. Let’s help feed Ontario together.

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